2021 Global Qualifier Contest

Crowd-sourced track designs and the future

Over the last couple of years the community has increasingly requested that we allow community submissions for our track designs. We have been listening to your requests and are going to continue in that direction for the 2021 season. This is a great way for the community to come together to enhance the pilot experience, and by taking feedback from our pilots and organizers we hope to provide everyone with an outstanding Global Qualifier track for this year.


Your chance to win a Free Ticket to IO2021

The start of the season is coming up soon and to kick it off we are holding a track design contest for the Global Qualifier.  We are accepting designs from the community to be our next official GQ! So break out Velocidrone and start designing some tracks! After the submission process the community will vote on what track they like the most and the winner will receive a free ticket to IO2021.



  • 10 Standard MultiGP 5×5 Gates
  • 5 Flags
  • 1 Hurdle
  • Track should fit within a 200ft x 100ft field
  • Track design should allow for easy setup using the tried and true grid method in years past
    • A grid layout will be used to map out the track so when you are placing gates in your design please ensure that you keep this in mind.
    • Example:


Curated by Velocidrone’s resident track design aficionado: Colby Curtola

You’ve seen him host Velocidrone league races online and in livestreams. You’ve seen him win mega races and earn his spot on Team USA 2019. You’ve flown his amazing tracks in Velocidrone. Now, Colby Curtola of Team Velocidrone has agreed to curate the community submissions for the 2021 Global Qualifier. All designs will be reviewed by Colby and he’ll present the top 5 tracks to the community for a final vote.


Submissions are now CLOSED!

Contest Dates:
February 10th – February 28th



GQ Track Submissions:


Name Link to video Scene Name Track Name Sim User Name
Rick Caudle (SSBelmont) https://youtu.be/PPOSVSSGjto Football Stadium 2021 SSBel GQ Design 2 SSBelmont
Rick Caudle (SSBelmont) https://youtu.be/nevJFBfXm5s Football Stadium 2021 SSBel GQ Design 1 SSBelmont
Colten Stowell https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10224243658055830&set=gm.3587380688038573 Empty Scene Day 2021+GQ+Track+2 RevolutionFPV
Alex Bryant https://youtu.be/cUzwfhVXEaE Empty Scene Day RAB_GQ_21_v2 RAB_FPV
Ervin Liao https://youtu.be/GirwU8thaKs Empty Scene Day Groovy 2021 GQ groovy
Beckett Verrilli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYC9xQqNME8&feature=youtu.be Empty Scene Day Noical 2021 GQ Noical
Ryan Martin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWwDo9WePXc Empty Scene Day GQAKdrones akdrones
Zaine Stapleton https://youtu.be/n7BcGCTu_bs Empty Scene Day BikeGuy MGP 2021 GQ BikeGuy_FPV
Vincent E. Rivera https://www.facebook.com/vincent.b.rivera/videos/10159421414607577 PandaROLL3D 2021 PANDA MGP GQ PandaROLL3D
Mathieu Charrois https://youtu.be/f00G2k-VUI4 Dynamic Weather 2021 Multigp GQ V4 MAT_277 MAT_277-FPVQE
Josh Howell https://youtu.be/rVtE-v7a3wE YAWESOME 2021 GQ YAWESOME YAWESOME
Zechariah Gruver Football Stadium SwizzArmyKnife CoyoteGruv
Jim Snodgrass https://youtu.be/cvsidEnsOPM Football Stadium 2021 GQ – Quad Rivals Hurdle Tornado Alt KneeDown
Rick Caudle https://youtu.be/2SS0ifFNGek Football Stadium 2021 GQ Quad Rivals HT SSBel Alt SSBelmont
Mathieu Charrois https://youtu.be/57_V06FrzTc Dynamic Weather 2021 Multigp GQ V3 MAT_277 MAT_277-FPVQE
Jim Snodgrass https://youtu.be/7Fc5Z5UE6dU Football Stadium 2021 GQ – Quad Rivals Hurdle Tornado KneeDown
Alex Bryant https://youtu.be/SE1oWDl7abw Empty Scene Day RAB_GQ_21 RAB_FPV
Ervin Liao https://youtu.be/5sYE1hpK2mU Empty Scene Day GroovyMGPsubmission groovy
Mathieu Charrois https://youtu.be/SwqHN8_vi6U Dynamic Weather 2021 Multigp GQ V2 MAT_277 MAT_277-FPVQE
Ervin Liao https://youtu.be/5sYE1hpK2mU Empty Scene Day GroovyMGPsubmission groovy
Spencer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxfiIn72AEk Dynamic weather 2021 GQ screecherfpv
Mathieu Charrois https://youtu.be/bMGCzexiqdI Dynamic Weather 2021 Multigp GQ MAT_277 MAT_277-FPVQE
Aaron Ortiz https://youtu.be/x0RdBCG1pIA Football Stadium Morbid 2021 MGP GQ morbidfpv
Magnus Turesson https://www.facebook.com/541014811/videos/10159059014754812 Empty Scene Day MTJR2 Magman
Jamison Russell https://youtu.be/P0RLkamg8wE Football Stadium RussellAR MultiGP2021 Big Gates RussellAR
Amanda Lipski and Andrew Brower https://youtu.be/HUEQms8Q61k Empty Scene Day PiFLY Global Qualifier Biggyspeed
James Randall https://www.facebook.com/james.randall.16940 Empty Scene Day MTJR 2021 JR138
James Piner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8XDA9E6tx0 Empty Scene Day Zipline Boom Resolved
Chris Chu https://youtu.be/eLCZuT8Se5k Empty Scene Day MGPGQ21DCHSub03 DCHFPV
Zaine Stapleton https://youtu.be/ayTMnEB8WUo Empty Scene Day BikeGuyMGP21GQV2 BikeGuy_FPV
Zaine Stapleton https://youtu.be/Z5xC2UwSr1c Empty Scene Day BikeGuyMGP21GQV3 BikeGuy_FPV
Daniel “Tehllama” Appel https://youtu.be/9ZEv-VKQFPU Empty Scene Day Tehllama_2021GQ junebugfpv
Yusuf Seward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLI1v9zzjMk Empty Scene Day EZRACER 2021 GQ Submission EzRacerFPV
Emerson Duarte https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUhRItUKpAo Empty Scene Day RACEPROFPVs GQ 2021 RaceProFPV
Brady McLaughlin https://youtu.be/8TACO7XAfQI Football Stadium Bring Back Regional Finals Laffin
Anthony Knight https://www.facebook.com/AKEventVibe/videos/3623931380993873 Football Stadium 2021 GQ AyyyKayyy AyyyKayyy
Dave Conner https://www.facebook.com/20915156/videos/10108845091168400/ Football Stadium GLOBAL-01-DC Condor FPV
Shawn Ames https://www.facebook.com/1265162553/videos/pcb.10225015678280221/10225015673520102 Dynamic Weather Shames 2021 GQ Submission Shames
Stefan Luteijn a.k.a.Boner Fpv https://youtu.be/XvIOYE_JsWY Dynamic weather mgp2021-TDC Bonerfpv
Marshall Scalisi https://youtu.be/PiFx8L6XOGk Dynamic Weather 2021 MultiGP GQ Mayhem 3 MAYHEM-
Marshall Scalisi https://youtu.be/fTK1muo_h-o Dynamic Weather 2021 MultiGP GQ Mayhem 1 MAYHEM-
Tommy Rico https://fb.watch/3Mu2KdmyFw/ Empty Scene Date EPIC 2021 MGP GQ <<Tombo>>
Justin Thompkins https://www.facebook.com/groups/MultiGPCommunity/permalink/3621763494600292/ Empty Scene Day CarbonCanary2021GQ CarbonCanary
Curtis “flightning” Carll https://youtu.be/A4-I3kpZg_o Dynamic Weather 2021 GQ flightning flightning
Zaine Stapleton https://youtu.be/KMraTWe0CGc Empty Scene Day BikeGuyMGP21GQV4 BikeGuy_FPV
Zaine Stapleton https://youtu.be/M0dygt-dgs4 Empty Scene Day BikeGuyMGP21GQV5 BikeGuy_FPV
Matt Boerlage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-Syy_VT9uE&t=10s  Dynamic Weather MattMaxxGQ2021Limbo MattMaxx
Matt Boerlage https://youtu.be/KsEvnaqwzTg Dynamic Weather MattMaxxGQ2021Richard MattMaxx
Neil marek https://www.facebook.com/100020183430164/posts/708262549856520/?d=n Dynamic Weather Growers 2021 mgp gq Xb-nm Grower