2021 MultiGP Series Global Qualifier Track now on Velocidrone!


2021 Global Qualifier Track is now available on the Velocidrone simulator.

Get it today at Velocidrone.com and start practicing this season’s qualifier track.

With the 2021 season starting, we partnered with Velocidrone to release the track on the sim. Now you can practice the official track, with 100% confidence that the dimensions are true and accurate. The track was entirely designed and tested within Velocidrone, so there are no conversion errors or wrong dimensions. Huge thanks goes out to Anthony “AyyKayyy” Knight for the winning track design. Additional thanks goes out to Colby Curtola for curating our 2021 Global Qualifier Design Contest!


With 48 submissions for the Global Qualifier Track design contest, Colby Curtola had his work cut out for him. He spent hours going over each track to narrow down his top 5!

The Top 5 tracks were as follows:

Pilot Name Fly through Link Velocidrone Scene Velocidrone track Name Track creator
Marshall Scalisi https://youtu.be/fTK1muo_h-o Dynamic Weather 2021 MultiGP GQ Mayhem 1 MAYHEM-
Ervin Liao https://youtu.be/5sYE1hpK2mU Empty Scene Day GroovyMGPsubmission groovy
Jim Snodgrass https://youtu.be/cvsidEnsOPM Football Stadium 2021 GQ – Quad Rivals Hurdle Tornado Alt KneeDown
Anthony Knight https://www.facebook.com/AKEventVibe/videos/3623931380993873 Football Stadium 2021 GQ AyyyKayyy AyyyKayyy
Alex Bryant https://youtu.be/SE1oWDl7abw Empty Scene Day RAB_GQ_21 RAB_FPV

We want to give a special thanks to everyone who submitted track designs! We truly have the best community in the world right here among us!

Velocidrone Track name:

MultiGP 2021 Global Qualifier

The track is listed as an Official track, good luck pilots and have fun!

What’s next?

Coming up soon we will release the official diagram complete with dimensions, setup instructions and track dimension worksheet (to verify your measurements). For now, hop onto Velocidrone and start logging those lap times!




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