It’s time to VOTE for the 2023 GQ

The MultiGP Global Qualifier is an annual drone racing event that is the qualification pathway for the MultiGP Championship, which is one of the largest drone racing events in the world. The Global Qualifier takes place at various locations around the world hosted by local MultiGP chapters.

Any MultiGP Chapter which has been promoted to Tier 3,  Tier 2 or Tier 1 can host a Global Qualifier event.

The MultiGP Global Qualifier is open to pilots of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. It is a great opportunity for drone pilots to test their skills and compete against some of the best pilots in the world.

How this magic happens?

The Global Qualifier aka GQ is possible since pilots will compete in the same identical track regardless the location.
Chapter organizers recreate the official Global Qualifier track following the diagram instructions that MultiGP makes available every year. They then submit specific measurements from the field to verify they have set up the field correctly and identical to every other chapter constructing a GQ course! Pilots will compete on the same identical track regardless the location, and that is the magic of the GQ.

How is the official track of the Global Qualifier chosen?

We selected 8 of the best track designers from around the world, including the top designers from last years competition, and provided them a template of 10 gates, 5 flags and a hurdle in our official drone racing simulator, Velocidrone. 

Then from February 27 through March 13th, every one of the 30,000 plus registered pilots of MultiGP can vote for their favorite track. Many of these pilots will play the track on Velocidrone, some will watch the YouTube fly through videos or look at the overhead shots to determine which track they want to fly for the GQ season! May the best track win!

Now its your turn to vote and decide what track will be the OFFICIAL Track for the 2023 Global Qualifier!




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