MultiGP Drone Racing World Cup 2024 Recap

The 2024  MultiGP International Open has just concluded at the AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana,  after five days of nonstop excitement, with more than 200 flying pilots from all over the world  and over 15 events keeping fans and competitors on the edge of their seats.

First, we would like to thank as always from the bottom of our hearts all the volunteers, the whole MultiGP team for the incredible work done before, during and after the event. Countless hours of hard work and sweat to allow this utopian event, with 7 tracks almost always active at the same time.

We also want to thank all the sponsors that supported IO24 and the MultiGP Season, without whom it would not be possible to do all this.

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2024 MultiGP Drone Racing World Cup

The crown jewel of the International Open is the MultiGP Drone Racing World Cup. It is the core event, attracting over 160 pilots striving to qualify. Pilots from around the globe competed fiercely in the Open Class, showcasing their skills on a demanding course that tested even the best. After three days of grueling qualifying rounds on two different tracks designed by NM Grower and SFPV, the reigning champion from Japan, YukiFPV, emerged as the top qualifier before advancing to the top 64 finals. 


On Saturday, June 15th the Main Stage track was disassembled and converted to the World Cup 1 track designed by NM_Grower. 
 The double-elimination final bracket, featuring eight pilots in each race, was incredibly exciting. The competition was intense, with many talented pilots participating, making surprises and upsets inevitable.

The most improved pilot from the qualifying rounds was Amanda “Pifly” Lipski, who soared from a #54 qualifying position to an impressive #10 overall. The biggest upset likely involved Hyper, one of the top contenders for the final victory. Despite a strong start in Race 6, where he finished first, Hyper experienced two crashes right after the start in Races 15 and 19, due to  control link failures. These crashes were disastrous, costing him the entire race and resulting in a #45 overall finish.

The Great 8 (last 8 pilots remaining) saw Pino, YukiFPV, Darkex, The Milkman, Drobot, Leviathann, Propsicle, and Headsup competing for just three spots, a direct ticket to the Final Four.

Darkex, after an extraordinary comeback through the consolation bracket following a crash in the preliminary round, showed his exceptional form once again by finishing in first place, with the very fast Drobot trailing just a second behind. The third position went to the two-time MultiGP World Cup  Champion, Headsup.

YukiFPV won the battle for the last spot in the Final Four in the Last Chance 5 Race.

The Final Four

The Final Four was nothing but pure drone racing. Chase the Ace was engaged.  In this format, a pilot must win two rounds to secure the competition. The first round went to Drobot, who seemed unbeatable with a flawless and error-free heat, completing the three laps in 54 seconds—a full 3 seconds ahead of the runner-up, Headsup. Will the young prodigy be able to clinch the victory in the next round?

In Round 2 a high-speed mid-air collision between YukiFPV and Drobot knocks out the Japanese pilot and significantly penalizes the American, who soon stops flying due to the damage. Headsup also crashes, leaving Darkex alone on the track. However, the French champion must complete all three rounds to secure the Ace. Killian manages to keep his emotions under control, even finishing with a final yaw spin.

Round 3  features Darkex and Drobot, both with an Ace, ready to clinch the final victory. Darkex proves his determination by making almost no mistakes and completing the three rounds in 55 seconds, finishing four seconds ahead of Drobot. Headsup takes third place after making some errors during the heat, while YukiFPV of Japan, the defending champion, finishes in fourth place.

So congratulations to Killian “Darkex” Rousseu for his extraordinary comeback and final victory in this exciting edition of the MultiGP World Cup.

Killian "Darkex" Rousseau 1st Place
Ashton "Drobot" Gamble 2nd place
Evan "Headsup" Turner 3rd place

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