The road to the MultiGP Championship

One LIST, hundreds of qualifying sessions all around the World, one goal!

image credit @ Feby Kristianto

Tracks submission

february 16-26

Every member of can submit a track following the rules below!

judges selection

february 26- march 6

3 judges will independently select their top 2 tracks from the submissions. Identity of author will be anonymous.

community voting

march 6-15

The MultiGP Community votes for their favorite track among the 6 track finalists.

gq track release

march 22

Community Voting Results released along with the official track layout.

gq season begins

march 29

GQ Season starts! Don’t forget to schedule 10 days prior!


global qualifier


1. Every track must be submitted using the new TRACKS SHARING SYSTEM.
Tracks submission window is from February 16th to February 26th. 

  • Build instructions are NOT required
  • Do NOT upload tracks to Velocidrone servers or Youtube to maintain anonymity.
  • Yes you can submit multiple tracks with a limit of 3

  • Please rename your track to “pilotname_gq2024”.
Watch Tutorial video

2. Every track must be created using track editor of our official simulator Velocidrone

3.  You have to use the official MultiGP 2024 GQ Template to start to design.

(download and extract .zip to your \documents folder and import  via Track Manager in Velocidrone)


4. DO NOT upload your track to Velocidrone servers to keep the track anonymous. The identity of the track designer will be kept anonymous to the judges and the public.

5. Obstacles:

  • 10 gates and 5 flags.
  • Double gates are the highest you can build.
  • The gates in the Sim MUST be the larger MultiGP sized ones included in the the template.
  • The flags can be stand alone flags, or flags mounted on the corner of a gate.
  • The use of a hurdle is optional, also included in the template
  • Do not resize any of the obstacles in Velocidrone.

6. Flight Path

The reasonable flight path should be within the white boundary of 200ft x 100ft.
You may place gates up to and on the boundary.  If placed on the boundary they can not be parallel to the boundary to keep quads inside the 200×100 ft area.


gq 2024 track design contest


Question & Answers and much more with Joe Scully & Anthony Knight