The Inagural MultiGP Canadian Drone Racing Series Comes to an End

The top pilots from all the regions in Canada gathered to crown the 2018 MultiGP Canadian Champion



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The Championships were scheduled for September 29-30 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  On-site the nation’s top 80 pilots qualified on-site via a Fastest 3 Consecutive Laps format used to seed Top 32 Double-Elimination Bracket to decide Champions and Podium Positions.

This year saw the first ever MultiGP drone racing series held in Canada. The Canadian chapter organizers worked together with Joe Scully to organize these events to provide this high caliber example of national level league racing.

MultiGP pilots across Canada had been anticipating  a Canadian Series and were very supportive and enthusiastic. Participation was good and the level of racing was high throughout the series. As this was the first year and the resources were limited, there was no standard track layout for the races. Many of the top pilots from across the country gave their best and were highly competitive. Full results below.

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The Top-20 from each Regional Qualifier were invited to National Championships, while the Top – 1 pilot from each Regional Qualifier will have airfare and accommodation covered to attend the National Championships in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Series Rules: Click Here for the MultiGP Canadian Series Rules

Series Schedule:

Series Results:

View the 2018 MultiGP Canadian Series results here.

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2018 MultiGP Canadian Champion

Eli “Bull-Fpv” Abitbol

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2nd Place

Liam “LOLDERS” Olders

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3rd Place

Gabriel “Gab707” Kocher

2018 MultiGP Canadian Championship Full Results

# Pilot City Prov/State Result Highest
1 Eli “Bull-Fpv” Abitbol Vaughan Ontario [1] 3/1:02.375 Bracket (Winners) 4-1
2 Liam “LOLDERS” Olders Ottawa Ontario [2] 3/1:03.917 Bracket (Winners) 4-1
3 Gabriel “Gab707” Kocher Montreal Quebec [3] 3/1:15.468 Bracket (Winners) 4-1
4 Christopher “fpvCH” Hartman Rathdrum Idaho [998] 0/0.000 Bracket (Winners) 4-1
5 matthew “illmattak” kotze Chilliwack British Columbia [998] 0/0.000 Bracket (Losers) 4-1
6 Anthony “Rocketfpv” Resurreccion Calgary Alberta [998] 0/0.000 Bracket (Losers) 4-1
7 Miko “CarbonFury” Beaudry Niagara Falls Ontario [3] 3/1:37.356 Bracket (Losers) 3-1
8 Ethan “EthanFPV” Kling Windham New Hampshire [4] 2/49.138 Bracket (Losers) 3-1
9 Jean-Michel “Cmonster” Lassonde Dorval Quebec [3] 3/1:31.418 Bracket (Losers) 2-2
10 Anthony “PewPew” Karabian Laval Quebec [3] 2/48.995 Bracket (Losers) 2-1
11 Ryan “nailedUP” Walker Montreal Quebec [4] 1/35.472 Bracket (Losers) 2-2
12 Adam “PalmliX” Palmer Nepean Ontario [998] 0/0.000 Bracket (Losers) 2-1
13 Derek “Platinum-FPV” Clee Caledon Ontario [3] 3/1:23.617 Bracket (Losers) 1-2
14 Christopher “Slow_Poke” Perry Barnstable Massachusetts [3] 2/59.328 Bracket (Losers) 1-1
15 Eric “ARMONIC” Milewski Port Coquitlam British Columbia [4] 1/39.478 Bracket (Losers) 1-1
16 TIM “timbo_fpv” AMERO Kingston New Hampshire [998] 0/0.000 Bracket (Losers) 1-2
17 Louis “highway11” Plett Steinbach Manitoba 1:24.374 (12) Qualified 17th
18 Justin “Just_FPV” Nishida Toronto Ontario 1:31.621 (13) Qualified 18th
19 Ignacio “Zenith” Romero Vancouver British Columbia 1:33.654 (11) Qualified 19th
20 Marc-andre “LevesqueFPV” Levesque Campbellton New Brunswick 1:33.701 (11) Qualified 20th
21 Quin “QwizFpv” Wisintainer Ottawa Ontario 1:39.207 (11) Qualified 21st
22 Guillaume “Apy3gger” Caron Ottawa Ontario 1:43.013 (18) Qualified 22nd
23 Alexander “spun” Jaremko Toronto Ontario 1:44.064 (4) Qualified 23rd
24 Danny “Cobrafpv” Michaud Barhurst New Brunswick 1:44.284 (18) Qualified 24th
25 Jean-Philipe “GILBOLT” Guilbault Sainte John Sur Richaleau Quebec 1:44.364 (19) Qualified 25th
26 Antoine “Baxony” Deschenes Candiac Quebec 1:50.847 (7) Qualified 26th
27 Yannick “YaNo_Fpv” Nolet Rouyn-Noranda Quebec 1:56.316 (6) Qualified 27th
28 Kim “KimboFPV” Myrskog Richmond Hill Ontario 2:02.357 (4) Qualified 28th
29 Ian “fpvsloth” Murchison Ottawa Ontario 2:03.960 (7) Qualified 29th
30 Alex “Elpresidirrrte” Clark Moncton New Brunswick 2:07.932 (14) Qualified 30th
31 nick “DroopdogFPV” verge Moncton New Brunswick 2:14.479 (17) Qualified 31st
32 Chris “MrClean” Paine Montreal Quebec 2:16.980 (20) Qualified 32nd
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For more competition questions, media inquiries or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Joe Scully at [email protected]

See you at the Canadian Champs!