November 16, 2017

Drone Racing News: Mega Drone X 2.0, FliteFest South, Quadtoberfest

Get ready for a recap of Mega Drone X 2.0, Flitefest South, and Quadtoberfest! All these stories, and more, on the next exciting episode of MultiGP News.

MultiGP Rundown

The MultiGP Rundown cover some of the “Current Events” on the world of Drone Sports. From races, to tech, the Rundown brings you the cutting edge of our sport!

Quadoberfest 2017 Colorado

There was another great “Quadtoberfest” event last month in the MultiGP League. Quadtoberfest 2017 Colorado was a huge success, and even the mayor stopped by to check out the Drone Racing Action. Tune in and get the full scoop from the News Team.

Flitefest South

In 2017 we have seen an expansion of the highly popular FliteFest fun-fly events, hosted by Flite Test. FliteFest South was this past weekend, and the MultiGP Team was there to run the FPV Flight Line. Stay tuned to get a full recap of this highly successful “Family Reunion of Flight”.

MultiGP Big Announcement

In less than one week MultiGP will be breaking some important Drone Racing News that will have a huge impact on the League’s exposure around the world. This is something that will benefit Drone Sports as a whole, and might even be that “once in a lifetime” chance for some pilots. Stay tuned next week for this monumental announcement.

Mega Drone X 2.0

Mega Drone X 2.0 concluded earlier this month, and this race delivered the action! Over 100 Drone Racers and spectators descended into the depths of the Kentucky caves for this second annual event. The MultiGP News Team was on site to cover the action. You will not want to miss this epic recap. Tune in to find out won this subterranean slugfest!

Crashes of the Week

Are you ready to take pleasure from someone else’s pain? Well then the Crashes of The Week are for you! Get ready for a compilation of carnage as we watch quads come apart.

Runcam Swift Micro Trivia Winner

Last week the News Team posted a trivia question, with the participants being able to win a brand new Runcam Swift Micro FPV Camera, sponsored by Runcam. There were many who answered the trivia question, but there was only one winner. Be sure to tune in to the News to find out who the lucky FPV Pilot is! Thank you again to Runcam for providing the Swift Micro for the contest.

About MultiGP:

MultiGP is the largest professional drone racing league in the world. Because of this, MultiGP hosts frequent competitive gatherings and casual events within its  extensive network. The Organization currently has over 20,000 registered pilots in addition to 500 active chapters worldwide. MultiGP nurtures its Chapters by providing tools, guidance and community support. Due to this structure drone racing is fun, organized and rewarding for pilots, Chapter Organizers and spectators. The National Championship, Regional Series, International Open, Universal Time Trial Tracks and Chapter Tiers are programs designed to allow the drone racing community to compete in an easily accessible yet structured format while still progressing the sport. Because of MultiGP’s efforts, it is the Academy of Model Aeronautics Special Interest Group for First Person View (FPV) Racing. For more information, go to

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