Final 3 Wildcard Races Remaining Before MulitGP Championship

2018 MultiGP Regional Series presented by the Academy of Model Aeronautics Wildcard List Updated!

  • EthanFPV – Ethan Kling advances from the North-East Final as a Finalist, therefore his Wildcard from Buffalo Bando has been perpetually passed forward to nurk! – Paul Nurkkala (insurance for the North-Central Final!)
  • BullFPV – Eli Abitbol earned a Wildcard at Flite Fest East
  • HeadsupFPV – Evan Turner is already a Finalist, FPVdoug – Michael Douglas is unable to attend, so McGap – Mark Braymer receives the Wildcard from the 2018 MultiGP Spec Race at International Open (insurance for the South-Central Final!)

Wildcards, Finalists, Contenders and “The List” after 4 Regional Finals and 3 Wildcard Events are available here:…/2018-multigp-regional-final-stan…/


2 more Regional Finals to Go and 3 more Wildcard Events!

ReadyMadeRC’s FPVfest – Willard, Ohio – Sept 6-9…

AMA Expo West – Pomona, California – Nov 2-4

Flite Fest Texas – Rockdale, Texas – Nov 1-4

The 2018 MultiGP Regional Series presented by the Academy of Model Aeronautics is really heating up, who is going to be crowned champion?


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