Global Qualifier Disqualification

It is with deep regret that MultiGP has disqualified a Global Qualifier for the first time in 2020.

A chapter reached out after the fact inquiring on how to upload their results from the GQ, and it was identified that the GQ was timed with an unsanctioned timing system.

Since 2017 Livetime Scoring Software has been the official scoring software of MultiGP Drone Racing League.  This partnership has been and continues to be a successful venture for all parties involved, and in terms of Global Qualifiers, MultiGP has confidence in the GQ results because all of the major race settings are locked down (lap one starts on start/finish gate, pilots finish thier lap after 2 mins, etc.), and all results are verifiable via by referring to the lap-by-lap, heat-by-heat, round-by-round data.  In addition, Livetime communicates with MultiGP RaceSync™ via an API, resulting in automatic reporting of results and managing of the Global List, specifically working with each individual pilot’s profile on MultiGP.  This is a complex process that is managed with very few keystrokes from Chapter Organizers, and limited assistance from MultiGP Corporate.

The MultiGP – Livetime Partnership (more information here) and official status is exclusive, and all MultiGP races are to be managed using the “official scoring software.”  This isn’t entirely applicable all of the time as some chapters simply use RaceSync™ to input hand times or lap counts; however, it is something that is enforced for Global Qualifiers.

With the chapter in question, even if hypothetically if there wasn’t an exclusive partnership, the risk for user error in transferring data is high, and with no experience with alternative software, MultiGP would be hesitant to believe that all of the race settings would match.

Each week, a facebook support group message is created with all of the chapter organizers and MultiGP’s representatives.  In that message, one of the first instructions is:
BEFORE RUNNING YOUR RACE: Please update your Livetime to 3. 9. 0. 0 or greater at:”.  

Also in the instructions, it includes:
“To submit the times after the event requires a couple of steps, though they are painless, and will instantly get your pilots ranked Globally.
Step 1: go into the race in LiveTime, in the main event tab under timing results and submit to MultiGP by pressing the ‘report regional results’ button”

And the summary of the welcome message states:
“The biggest things to note again
* Update your Livetime to 3. 9. 0. 0 or greater at:
* use the verification sheet to validate your course:
* finalize your race on MultiGP after submitting from Livetime and your pilots should be ranked Globally.”

… all told… the group message mentions Livetime no less than 15 times.

We are very understanding of what it takes to put on events for chapter organizers, and the commitment required by pilots to attend a race.  We want to encourage more races being held and those being attended with pilots confident that they will be ranked on the Global List as advertised.  However, due to our partnership agreement, in addition to the reasons previously stated, this event has been removed from the schedule.

Our apologies to the chapter and pilots involved, however, this was the only decision that could be made.




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