International Qualifier Form

Do you live outside of North America but want to take part in the 2018 Regional Series?

For the first time ever MultiGP is allowing International Pilots to attend the 2018 Regional Series and MultiGP Championship.

It’s easy! Here is how you can get involved.

  1. Must have a MultiGP chapter
  2. Hold a local race with 10 pilots or more
  3. Submit the results of the race via the form below

This will make your top 2 pilots eligible to buy a ticket to any of the 6 Regional Finals being held this year, where they will have the opportunity to advance to the 2018 MultiGP Championship.

International Qualifier Submission

  • What is your chapter name on
  • Name of the chapter organizer who administered the race.
  • Please provide a link to the race found on The race must be entered into in order for us to verify it.