March 2, 2024

LatAm Drone Racing Champs 2024 Report

As MultiGP we want to thank Gunther and Liga Colombiana Drone Racing for sending  MultiGP this article and report of the Latin American Championship 2024


On February 24, the MultiGP Latin American Championship of Drone Racing by Gemfan was held – organized by the Colombian League of Drone Racing (LCDR)

And finally the date came! this February 24 in Chia Colombia held the first championship of international stature in Colombia, an event that far exceeded the expectations of all pilots and attendees and that marked not only the beginning of the season of drone competitions in Colombia, but the restart of the Latin American circuit after a pandemic, but how was this event? How was it organized? Who supported it? Here we tell you.

The LATAM as it is known the event in the region developed a few years before the pandemic mainly in Mexico, country that promoted at the time the initiative, however at the time of arriving the COVID-19 as in all parts of the world, the championship was stopped, However, as the pandemic passed, it was found that many of the previously active pilots had withdrawn from racing, which posed a problem in the region to continue promoting the competitive spirit of drone racing.

According to the above the Colombian League of Drone Racing, was proposed as a goal at the beginning of 2023, make the LATAM and convene again the best pilots of the region in an event unprecedented in the country and in addition to the same level we can find in countries such as the united states and/or Asia.

This is how the LCDR team started this way, in it, it found the support and endorsement of MultiGP with the aim that pilots in the region could see the event backed by the world’s largest drone racing organization, in addition to this throughout the year a process was carried out to show the advantages and type of event that was going to take place, This attracted GemFan as main sponsor of the event who working together managed to get a number of more than 12 sponsors that helped us to have an award pool that had never been seen in a Latin American event.

One year later we achieved the unthinkable, an event that brought together 39 drivers from 9 countries, came to our home top MGP pilots like TomateFPV from Chile, other well-known international circuit like CravenFPV and MYOPICFPV from Costa Rica, B1Gr4M0N from Mexico,  AJFPV from Puerto Rico, among others. We also have the presence of The MIlkman TOP 10 MGP CHAMPS 2023, who came to the event to do some demonstrations and teach a little about how to improve flight level to the pilots of the event.

The place of the event could not be the best the mayor of chia along with the IMRD lent us the central stadium, a perfect space with all the comforts and adaptations necessary for the development of the race, in addition, the track that the LCDR designed and presented in work together with the MGP team was mounted with obstacles all in metal, three obstacle game marked the most interesting points of the track, a tunnel of 10 meters and a dive and antiConsecutive dive marked the most fun and exciting moments on the track.

It was two days of excitement and competition with the Latin flavor, where on February 24 were made practices and classifications, on this day all foreign pilots tested their drones and felt their drones flying at 2,600 meters, At the end of the day we went to an event in a bar where pilots who did not have to repair, had the opportunity to share and make new friends, fly tinywhoops in a bar, eat and have a beer.


On the 25th, race day began the championship with the SPORT group which had 13 riders classified according to the time obtained the previous day, here we saw very good races, drivers who also had their first presentation in an international event, nerves were at all times, at the end of the day, the podium was as follows:

  1. Alitos – CO
And as the event was not only for the riders but also for their attendees, in the middle of the day there were activities where all participants participated for an award from the sponsors, it was really fun


Followed by the SPORT group, I started the PRO group, 16 drivers competed in this group, 12 seed riders and riders who were promoted from the SPORT podium played every race, it was a very even group where we saw great fights on track, Just like all the riders the nerves were seen all the time and we also saw crashed and broken arms; At the end the podium of this group was conformed by:

    1. POTROFPV – CO
    3. JUCARONI – CO


At this point in the race, we only had 1 hour difference with the initial race plan due to some technical problems that usually happen, followed by the PRO group, entered the ELITE group, the 16 fastest drivers in Latin America started the last races, here we could see at what level we are, and really the final made up of TomateFPV, Caceresc, B1gr4mon, and AJFPV, was incredible, a sample of technique and precision in each part of the track, to the final TOMATEFPV was crowned as champion of the tournament, leaving this group as follows:

  1. TomateFPV – CH
  2. Caceresc – CO
  3. B1R4M0N – MX

We also experienced emotional moments such as the farewell as a pilot of PotroFPV, a veteran pilot, of the first drone races in Colombia, as well as the award ceremony and thanks to all the support team and judges who accompanied us for two days without rest.

This event marked a milestone in drone racing in the region, we can proudly say that the LCDR fulfilled and much more, we gave a show and impeccable organization, and all this could not have been possible without our sponsors, friends, families, but most importantly without the vision that Gunther Viotteler shared a year ago and on which a great team worked tirelessly to achieve the proposed goal. We are grateful to:



Gunther Votteler – Founder – CEO

Giovanny Bautista – Sport Director

Carlos Caceres – Competition Director

Jason Jimenez – Logistics Director 



Evelyn Votteler – Race control

Yohanna Votteler – Juez

Camilo  – Juez

Marlos – Juez

Eminem – Juez

Oscar – Logística

Carlos – Logística


















Thank you to Mikeduran pof Gemfan for working together on this project.

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