MultiGP News Episode 39: Never Before Seen Drone Racing Track Using Fire Obstacles

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This year all pilots must select a home chapter in order to participate in the 2018 Regional Series. Your home chapter defines what region you are racing in as well as what qualifiers and final you can attend. Once you select your home chapter, you will be placed into that region’s pilot standings.

The top 100 pilots in each region will be invited to race in their regional final. For those pilots that want to race in an adjacent region, simply set your home chapter in that region. Your home chapter is *only* used for the 2018 MultiGP Regional Series and does not impact your ability to join or race with other chapters. For more information visit our website at



XDC’s “Clash of the Drones” 2018 definitely a race to remember!

8 of the best drone racing teams from around the world were invited to battle it for their share of 20 thousand dollars in cash at the iconic Caesars Entertainment Studios in Las Vegas last week.

The event  was presented by Caesars Entertainment and sponsored by LG, DJI and ZAPPOS. Here are the 8 elite teams competing for the number one spot:

  1. *Las Vegas Lights
  2. *Emax
  3. *Drone Space
  4. *Pyrodrone Jr
  5. *Dallas Drone Stars
  6. *Velocidrone
  7. *Nexxblades
  8. *Team Canada

The LED track—one of a kind—the course –powered by FPV Lightrax and was designed to test a pilots speed, agility and control in a race. The course also included a flaming gate which posed quite a challenge for the competing teams.

Photo Courtesy: Brian Morris

The race format was simple and to the point. The 8 teams were required to fly as many laps possible within 15 minutes, with each team member flying 25 percent of the team total

Qualifying Rounds

Round 1 Heat 1 Nexxblades (29 Laps)

Round 1 Heat 2 Pyro Junior (28 Laps) Top QT

Round 2 Heat 1 Nexxblades (29/30 Laps) Hitting A New QT

Round 2 Heat 2 Dronespace (24 Laps)

Round 3 Heat 1 Velocidrone (23 Laps)

Round 3 Heat 2 Pyro Junior (25 Laps) In 14 Min 59.8 Seconds.

What An Exciting Finish In Qualifying Rounds

Here Are The 4 Qualifying Teams.

Qualifying 4th Pyro Junior

Qualifying 3rd Velocidrone

Qualifying 2nd Dronespace

Qualifying 1st Nexxblades

Finals Round 1 Heat 1 Nexxblades 25 Laps

Finals Round 2 Heat 2 Velocidrone

Final Round 3 Heat 3. Had everyone at Caesars Entertainment Studios on the edge of their seat.

Velocidrone VS Team Nexxblades

Separated by a few seconds during lap 16/17.  The Champion Drone Racing Team Of XDC’s “Crash Of The Drones” 2018 is Nexxblades –winning the race by 3 big laps.

They are unstoppable, they are the Kings Of Europe, the Kings Of Dubai, the Kings Of Sebring and now the Champions Of XDC’S “Clash Of The Drones”.

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