MultiGP News Episode 43: First Regional Qualifier Kicks Off

First Regional Qualifier

It’s a wrap! The first Regional Qualifier in the 2018 MultiGP Regional Series closed out over the weekend. Central Mississippi Drone Racers hosted the first race with  13 pilots competing over the pilots traveled from Miami FL, Memphis TN, Southaven MS, Hattiesburg MS, and other several locals joined forces to battle it out for their chance to advance to the regional finals. The weather was less than desirable. The temperature in the upper 40s most of the day. It was cloudy with misty rain at times but pilots still pushed forward. Many competing had issues with the gate in the last turn right before the timing gate. Some even crashed out near the over-under gate. The Central Mississippi Drone Racers provided the majority of the equipment, 901fpv helped with timing and brought track pieces, along with  Hattiesburgfpv. For chapter organizers the best part about the race was hanging out with everybody in the pits and just talking setups. It was great to have had pilots come all the way from Miami just to race with the chapter. Lucas “droner” dearborn took first, the great tier 1 chapter leader Alec “Lundyfpv” Lunsford was second and Elio “EMdrones” Mella took third. Congrats to those pilots.

Courtesy: Bladed Fury Racing


Meanwhile in Georgia, the second qualifier was hosted by Columbia Multirotor. 33 pilots traveled as far as Memphis, South Carolina and even Miami to compete for their chance to advance to the finals.
After some nail biting competition here are the top pilots:

  1. Lucas “Droner” Dearborn
  1. Maximilliano “Saber” Fernandez
  1. Dave “Makerfpv” Schlitter

Open Grove: Nytfury Vs Dolma

What a fun race out in California!
Pyrodrone hosted individual and team races plus the infamous matchup between Shaun “Nytfury” Taylor and Andy” dolma” Marachilian in the “call out” challenge at the Open Grove Raceway in Ventura county over the weekend. The event sponsored by Pyrodrone, Emax, Helination and Lumenier. The race kicked off with team races on Saturday.  7 teams battled it out on the track but these three teams coming out victorious! Team Emax coming in third, Pyrodrone second and team Heart of America coming out on top taking the number one spot in the team races. Next — individuals races. 60 pilots came together from all over the country to battle it out this very fast track. The race went smooth but after some tough competition these three pilots came out on top.

1st place Cory Ibanez Mewo fpv
2nd place Evan turner Headsupfpv
3rd place Andy Dolmafpv

Finally, the long awaited dual out between Shaun “Nytfury” Taylor and Andy “dolmafpv”. After 10 races the og of fpv, the one and only Shaun “Nytfury” Taylor took down Andy “dolmafpv” Marachilian in the call out challenge.

Courtesy: Brian “BrainDrain” Morris



Tier 1 rewards

-2 free I.O. tickets per Tier 1 Chapter *for their chapter organizers only*

-Access tier 1 co group where all the exciting conversations happen

-Access to participate in livestreamed town councils

-Discount code for gates

-Discount codes to participating vendors

-Invite to yearly summit at io

-Yearly gate refresh







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