MultiGP News Episode 7: Arrested in Atlanta, MultiGP Regional Qualifiers and MultiGP Chapters in Mexico

Drone Pilots Behind Bars, Drone Moms, Cinco de Mayo – MultiGP Style!

MultiGP chapters in around the world, drone pilots behind bars, a UTT recap,how FPV pilots celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and much more in this week’s episode of MultiGP News. If it happens in the world of drone sports, MultiGP will have the story!

This week’s Morning Quad will cover a MultiGP chapter in Kuala Lumpur, who just had a huge event. Jefte will dig deeper into the MultiGP 2017 Regional Finals track, which will be the standard track for all Finals competitions across the country. Chris will cover some rising stars on the UTT leaderboards, and Jefte reminds us of the wealth of information on the MultiGP Forums.

The Regional Update has the highlights from the Qualifiers of last week. The Region 2B Qualifier in Florida drew over 30 pilots, and advanced 5 to the Finals. MultiGP’s Shawn “Boss Hat” O’Sullivan has the details and race results. Be sure to stay tuned for the Region 2B Finals in June.

Frank “REALEYEZ” Mainade will have coverage on how MultiGP pilots are planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on this upcoming Friday. You have heard of “Soccer Moms”, but have you heard of “FPV Moms”? MGPN reporter Kelara Mainade will bring you the story. She will also be covering a hot topic from last week – the arrest of Jared “Steele” Davis, Jonothan “SKITZO” Davis, and Alex “Edit” Rodriguez for trespassing; she will have an exclusive interview with Alex to hear his side of this story.

Lastly, celebrate Cinco de Mayo MultiGP-style; join us as we show how drone racers hit a pinata!

About MultiGP:

MultiGP is the largest professional drone racing league which hosts frequent competitive gatherings and casual events within its network of over 500 active MultiGP Chapters and 17,000 registered pilots world-wide. MultiGP nurtures its Chapters by providing tools, guidance and community to make drone racing fun, organized and rewarding for pilots, Chapter Organizers and spectators. Programming such as the National Championship, Regional Series, International Open, Universal Time Trial Tracks and Chapter Tiers are designed to allow the drone racing community to compete in an easily accessible yet structured format with the goal of progressing the sport. MultiGP is the Academy of Model Aeronautics Special Interest Group for First Person View (FPV) Racing. For more information, go to

To learn more about MultiGP drone racing, and how you can get involved, join us on Facebook – and on Twitter – @Multi_GP





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