MultiGP Releases #UTT5

“The nautilus shell presents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral”

 Can you calculate the Golden Ratio necressary to equal you becoming the UTT Champion?

MultiGP Universal Time Trial Tracks allow FPV drone racing pilots to compete against each other across the world by providing standardized local courses partnered with a global leader-board. Pilots attend their local MultiGP Chapter to participate and receive official results which are then entered into the MultiGP leader-board by their Chapter Organizer. The four current tracks, UTT #1, Tsunami (UTT #2), Bessel Run (UTT #3), and High Voltage (UTT4), have been widely popular among the MultiGP pilots. Today, MultiGP unlocks UTT #5, Nautilus.

MultiGP Universal Time Trial Track UTT5

MultiGP proudly released their 5th Universal Time Trial (UTT) track this week. Named “Nautilus”, this unique track features a logarithmic spiral, just like the shellfish of its namesake. Spiraling in on itself, the pilot must exit the center as efficiently as they can to navigate back to the first gate. This UTT design is sure to get the MultiGP pilot’s heart racing, and head spinning!

For a full Rules and Specifications sheet in .PDF format, Click Here.

Logarithmic spirals in nature:

Arms of a Galaxy

Hawk’s approach to prey

Insect’s approach to light

Hurricane storm bands

Nerves of the cornea


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