November 30, 2017

MultiGP Spec Racer Holiday Wish List

As the holidays quickly approach there is one thing that every MultiGP drone racer wants…more parts! This year saw the inception of the MultiGP SPEC Racing Class. The concept was simple, create a list of approved components that were similar in performance which pilots could use to build their SPC Class racing drone. These SPEC Class drones create a level playing field; with all of the pilots flying drones with similar performance specifications, it becomes a purely a contest of pilot skill.

MultiGP has some really interesting plans for SPEC in 2018 that your drone racer will NOT want to miss, leading up to a big SPEC Class Championship at the 2018 International Open. But your pilot can’t compete unless they have a SPEC Class racer. MultiGP wanted to make it easier for you to get your special drone racer the SPEC parts that they need, so we created the 2017 SPEC Racer Wish List!

Below you will find a list of the approved components for the current SPEC racing drone. We have also included links places selling these components, making your holiday shopping that much easier! So get that special drone racer in your life exactly what they are looking for, a chance to fly, and a chance to win!

MultiGP 2017 SPEC Class Component List:


You are not going anywhere without a good powertrain! These SPEC Class motors have what it takes to propel your favorite drone racer into the Winner’s Circle. Made with serious competition in mind, these are the motors that your pilot wants! Remember, your pilot needs at least four per SPEC drone (and spares ALWAYS help!).


The battery is not only the gas tank for a racing drone, it is also the gas! Able to handle the stresses of hard competition, these batteries are made for the Podium! Be sure to get your favorite drone racer a few. The more batteries a pilot has, the longer they are able to practice. Putting in laps is what puts them on the Podium!

Video Transmitter

If you can’t see, you can’t fly! These video transmitters have been tested hard on the track, and they come out on top. Made without compromise, these two video transmitters are the choice of those who require excellence. Be sure to buy your favorite drone racer a spare; crashes happen, and a spare will get your pilot back in the fight!


It has been said that power is nothing without control, and that couldn’t be more true in drone racing! Electronic speed controllers are the means of delivering smooth and consistent power from the battery to the motors. Made with hard competition in mind, these electronic speed controllers are designed to handle the harsh throttle changed that are common in drone racing. Just like motors, your favorite drone racer needs at least 4 per SPEC racer (plus spares)!


This little item is one of the most important parts of a racing drone! Without a good antenna, your favorite drone racer won’t even be able to get off the ground. Designed by the FPV Mad Scientist Alex “I.B.Crazy” Greve, these antennas are the best on the market for drone racing. Your pilot will have the clear view they need if they have these. Be sure to buy them a few so they have spares, crashing can be hard on these fine-tuned antennas.


The “tires” of a racing drone, the propellers are what put the power to the air! Made specifically for racing, these are the propellers that put pilots in the Winner’s Bracket. Your favorite drone racer will need a lot of these. Props can take a beating, but need constant replacement, just like tires in NASCAR. Be sure to stock up on props, your pilot will need bunches!



This is what brings it all together. The frame of the racing drone is what all of the components are affixed to. This is what will transport your favorite drone racer onto the podium, and these frames can deliver! Designed to be the perfect mix of weight and strength, each one of these frames is a winner. Your pilot will need a couple of frames; crashes happen in drone racing, and you pilot will need to get back in the air quickly.

With these components your favorite drone racer will have the tools they will need to compete. MultiGP has some exciting plans ahead for the SPEC Class in 2018, and your pilot will not want to miss out on the action. Make sure they have the tools to win under the Christmas Tree this year!

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