August 29, 2018

North Central Regional Qualifier Race Analysis

The 2018 MultiGP Regional Series presented by the Academy of Model Aeronautics continues as two regional qualifiers closed out in the North Central Region. The competition was fierce and the racing was fast.

Mid-Michigan MultiGP hosted the Regional Qualifier at the Milan Flyer.
Kevin “kmead” Mead  21 laps 06:32.976
Daniel Scott Bolton Owensboro 19 laps 06:26.326
John “JohnEFly” Chapman 21 laps 06:44.684

North Central Regional Qualifier hosted by Owensboro Isotopes and SOKY Multirotors
1. Daniel “BigNasty” Bolton 19 06:26.326
2. Ben “hex” Coates 18 07:02.849
3. Josh “FlexPV” Elder 14 06:02.926

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