North East Regional Final Live Stream

This weekend pilots in the north east get a chance to show their drone racing skills in MultiGP regional series final number 3…this weekend, July 21 and 22…at the Laurita winery in New Egypt, New Jersey. The North East regional final kicks off during red, white and blue and bacon too food truck festival, so there will be plenty of food, fun and spectators to watch the big competition.
Hey, if you didn’t make the finals, fly with us anyway! Pilots….you are invited to purchase a standby ticket to race with the fastest in your region. Come on, send it! 
For those that can’t make it, plan to watch the MultiGP live stream of the top 32 at the northeast regional final. We will hit the world wide web starting at 11am eastern on Sunday July 22nd on Tune in and catch some great flying!


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