Prize Purse for The RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship Presented by DRL

MultiGP Champion will be offered a DRL Pilot Contract

DRL is back! On top of a $12,000 cash prize pool for the Race Day Quads 2019 MultiGP Championship presented by DRL, the MultiGP Champion will once again be offered* a coveted contract to become an official DRL pilot for the 2020 season. For the second year in a row, one dedicated and talented MultiGP pilot has the opportunity to work their way up from local racing all the way to professional televised drone racing with The Drone Racing League on NBC Sports!

Pro and Sport Class Prize Purses

Are you ready for a visit to sunny Daytona Beach Florida in November? In addition to wonderful weather, ideal temperatures and lots of sunshine, how about some prize money to make your visit even sweeter?

Here are the prize purses for both Pro and Sport Class.

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Pro Class $10000

1st – $4000 & A DRL CONTRACT
2nd – $2000
3rd – $1250
4th – $1000
5th – $600
6th – $500
7th – $400
8th – $250
[rt_col width=”6/12″]

Sport Class $2000

1st – $500
2nd – $250
3rd – $250
4th – $250
5th – $250
6th – $200
7th – $150
8th – $150

* Contract offer is subject to DRL’s terms and conditions

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