QRGO at Flight Bash 2017

Flight Bash 2017 with Buddy RC kicks off the season in Ohio with a WOW!

Article Contributed By: Ben See “DIBS41″, MultiGP Ambassador Blogger Region 3C


Every event that I have attended over the years has been unique and I take away memories that will stay with me forever. The 2017 Flight Bash in Pataskala, Ohio was no different. Please allow me to set the stage for the WOW memory that I will never forget!


Few people know about one of our very own MultiGP Ambassadors and her pursuit to be the best she can be not only as a photographer but also as a FPV Racing Pilot.

I have had the honor of watching Lisa Zoldak “BigRedSpider” grow in this sport over the years. I remember back to the days when she was just learning to fly FPV on 3S batteries. Struggling to get around the track, but over time, and her burning desire to get better she has been the most improved FPV Racer within the Quad Racing Group of Ohio. (MultiGP Tier 1 Chapter)

Pack after pack throughout the past weeks, months and years, Lisa has been quietly honing her skills. She took it upon herself to put up her own gates, fly her packs, crash then repair, rinse and repeat quietly and unassuming in Ravenna, Ohio.

This weekend the WOW happened!

Now don’t get me wrong, I knew it would happen some day, but I was as surprised as many others it would happen on this day and on this stage. Lisa Zoldak makes the podium against who is arguably considered some of the fastest and most notable pilots in MultiGP Region 3C. The classic turtle vs. hare moment was happening and 27 other pilots she beat out didn’t even realize this monumental moment in her FPV life was transpiring until the final points were tallied.

The hard work not seen by others, the late nights of building, the early mornings of practice and her time and dedication to not only this hobby but also to the MultiGP family was rewarded with a 3rd place podium finish out of 30 registered pilots. I am personally proud of her and I am sure I speak on behalf of many others.

The first podium at a larger event is always memorable. Enjoy it as you have earned it! We are all so proud of you! Enjoy the spotlight as you have earned it!


1st Gyune- Readymade RC, Strix

2nd BeastMode- Detroit MultiRotor, Drone Racing League

3rd BigRedSpider – Not Sponsored




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