March 13, 2017

QRGOhio – 09/25/16 Race Results

MultiGP Drone Race Report
Quad Racing Group of Ohio Final Race of The Summer Season

Article: Ben See
Photos: Lisa Zoldak

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The Quad Racing Group of Ohio (QRGO) held their final points race of the summer season on Sunday, September 25th at Wingfoot State Park in NE Ohio. A total of 6 points races were held at Wingfoot State Park this year. QRGO ran a Novice and Race class this season. Many of the novice drone racing pilots jumped to the race class as their skills progressed throughout the season. QRGO was honored to have the youngest pilot among their ranks who would chase his passion of FPV flight and the spirit of competition. Charlie “Titan” Pirnat is 12 years old and the son of Chuck “Histo” Pirnat. The QRGO family was extremely happy and proud for this young man.

The competition was fierce as the first five pilots on the season points in the race class were within striking distance of each other. As each Heat Points were posted to the MultiGP website, the pilots were refreshing their mobile devices to check the standings and coming up with strategies for how hard to push in the upcoming rounds.

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QRGO ran 8 races on Sunday, 2 of them were practice and not scored. 6 races that counted towards the total score of the FPV pilots. After all races were completed it was found that some tie breaking race offs were required. Chuck “Histo” Pirnat and Andy “Drewracer32” Stankiewicz battled it out for sole third place winner of the day. Histo was able to pull out a win in this race off. The second race off was to determine who would take 1st place and win the event for the day. Tied for 1st place with 50 points each was TJ “T-Bone” Williams and Ben”Dibs41” See. They gave it their all and in the end the battery that lasted the longest was T-Bone’s!

It was then discovered that the Season Points Races was also tied. Both Andy “DrewRacer32” Stankiewicz and Ben ”Dibs41” See had 223 points for the season. A race off for season points was required. Ben and Andy both just completed a heads up race off just minutes before. Armed with fresh props and batteries they lined up to battle it out for 2nd place overall for the 2016 QRGO Point Series. On the tones both Andy and Ben were on each other with only a fraction of a second separating them. Mid race DrewRacer had the lead and would never give it up. Dibs41 was only half a second behind most of the entire race. In the end the victory went to DrewRacer.

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September 25th, 2016 Fast Laps:

(Race Class)







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(Novice Class)


Titan—————————-27.275 (He is 12 years old!)

Final Season Top 5 Points Tally as follows:

(Race Class)

T-Bone——————- 244Points

DrewRacer32———- 224 Points

Dibs41——————-223 Points

The Shredder———-203 Points

Seeker——————173 Points

(Novice Class)

BigRedSpider———–218 Points

CaptainUno————-216 Points

Slick———————95 Points

JP_FPV——————-71 Points

K1NG——————–64 Points

Quad Racing Group Ohio - 09/25/16 - Drone Racing Image 5

QRGO is a Tier 2 MultiGP Chapter whom is very active among the FPV Racing community both locally and abroad. Members of this chapter participated in events both in Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York this 2016 MultiGP Season. One of the QRGO members (TJ “T-Bone” Williams) honed his skills enough to make it to the MultiGP Championships at the AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana.Under the guidance of Race Director Paul Adkins and staff, QRGO was invited to run the races at the 2016 Buddy RC Flight Bash in Columbus, Ohio. This event was a great success! Over 107 races were held during this weekend event.QRGO was also the hosting club for the 2016 MultiGP 3C Regional Qualifiers in Carrolton, Ohio as well as the MultiGP 3C Regional Finals in Columbus, Ohio.

QRGO is looking forward to an eventful 2017 Racing Season!

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