July 13, 2018

Regional Qualifier Recap Week 14

Week 14 Regional Qualifier Recap

In the Northwest pilots brought their A game to the field as they set some fast times in their region. Here are the top 12 from that Saturday’s qualifier. Jordan “Jet” Temkin coming in first with 21 lap in 6:54. The one and only Brode “Robogenesis” Springer winner of this years SWATCH DRL TRYOUTS also competing in the MultiGP Regional Series and he is bringing it on! Robo taking second with 20 laps in 6:29 . And Kody taking third with 19 laps in 6:19. Sunday the qualifier took flight in Portland, Oregon. SparkyMJ moving up and taking second with 19 laps in 6:31. For a full list of standings visit our website and click on the championship tab.

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