The 2019 MultiGP Series has commenced!

The opening weekend of the 2019 MultiGP Series was this past Saturday and Sunday, and the Series kicked off with lots of packs and laps in Columbus, GA.  Three MultiGP Chapters: Columbus Multirotor Club, Drone Racing Club and South East Atlanta partnered to host a triple-header qualifier at the TAG CSU Campus.

Twenty-two pilots completed a lap or more on the MultiGP Global Qualifier Course over six practice rounds and fifteen qualifying rounds.  After the first qualifier, the top-10 pilots averaged 5.1 Laps / session if they did 3 or more (not including non-fastest-3 runs), and their average flight time was 1:50.538.

The Top-Qualifying Time on “The List” after weekend #1 is held by Lucas “Droner” Dearborn.  His time of 46.006 for fastest-3 laps consecutive was posted during the 2nd Qualifying Round of the 2nd Event during a 7-lap / 2:06 Session with his fastest-3 laps consecutive being:
Lap 4 – 15.464, Lap 5 – 15.335, Lap 6 – 15.206

The fastest lap of the entire event was posted by Adrian “ItsCharles” Adams with a 14.215-second lap, transpiring in Event #3, Round #3.

The event results have been amalgamated into “The List”, here is a look at the top-10:

Pilot Fastest-3
1 Lucas ‘Droner’ Dearborn 3 laps 46.006272
2 Adrian ‘ItsCharles’ Adams 3 laps 47.435776
3 Jacob ‘Scorcher’ Bohler 3 laps 47.68768
4 Jacob ‘X-15’ Houck 3 laps 48.887808
5 Jim ‘KneeDown’ Snodgrass 3 laps 51.32288
6 Kyle ‘DreamZ’ Kaufman 3 laps 52.512768
7 Matthew ‘Chest_Wolf’ Wright 3 laps 54.083584
8 Joshua ‘yawno’ Lewis 3 laps 54.684672
9 Asep ‘SundaKhaos’ Mawardi 3 laps 55.104512
10 Nathan ‘Broadplains’ Tyndell 3 laps 55.105536

click here to see the entire ranking.

1 week-end down, and just 23 more to go until we see the entire invitational list to the 2019 MultiGP Championship!




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