The RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Championship Date and Location


The RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Championship Update:

First of all we want to thank RaceDayQuads for being a supporter of drone racing and the title sponsor the 2019 MultiGP Championship.We have two possible locations, each within an hour or so drive of Orlando International Airport, and we are anticipating closing one of the two agreements next week, though we were almost certain we would have this locked down today.It is still early for travel arrangements (16 weeks away from the Sport Class Championship, 17 weeks away from the Pro Championship), and either location would require a different plane ticket, so, here is what we are prepared to announce today:

  • 2019 MultiGP Sport Class Championship – Nov 7-9th (rain date Nov 10th)
  • 2019 MultiGP Pro Class Championship – Nov 14-16th (rain date Nov 17th)

Central Florida

We are excited at the opportunities afforded by both potential locations, and look forward to releasing more details hopefully next week.






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