Top 100 pilots in the North Central Region

The North-Central Regional Final is going to be a slug-fest of a battle for supremacy!

It is our largest region to date with 252 pilots doing a lap or more on the Regional Qualifier Track… (more than 35% more than any other region) plus right now the “Bubble” is 14 laps in 7:37 on a best 3 of 5. That’s for 99th… That would be 73rd in the SW, 71st in SE, 50th in NE and 35th in NW… but is on the cusp to qualify to Chicago. Already in? Tickets are on-sale now for the North-Central Regional Final in Chicago September 22-23, 2018, grab your pilot slots and accommodations at: 

We are anticipating a handful of International Pilots at this regional final as well; be sure to grab your pilot/international/standby tickets before they are sold out! North-Central looks to be the toughest regional final in the series, who is going to join us at Champs? Be there to help us decide.


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