UTT 10 Track Selection Announcement

Join us at 7pm EDT / 4pm PDT on Tuesday May 5th on the MultiGP YouTube Channel for the announcement of the winning Universal Time Trial Track design for UTT #10!

MultiGP’s renown race commentator Joe Scully welcomes Velocidrone’s resident track design aficionado Colby “SFPV” Curtola as they recap the submissions that were curated by SFPV, learn why some selections didn’t make the cut and predominantly the reasons why the top-5 tracks were selected.

Over the past few years the community has become increasingly vocal that MultiGP allow community submissions for consideration for season track designs. This has become the first crowd-sourced track design competition that will become a part of the official 2020 season.

In total there were officially 16 design submissions, all composed utilizing the Track Editor in the VelociDrone Simulator.

The Top-5 tracks selected for voting by the community:

  1. Utt 10 Submission – RagingCanadian (Empty scene day)
    By: Kevin Sawatzky
  2. UTT10RussellAR – RussellAR (Empty scene day)
    By: Jamison Russel
  3. UTT10DCHProposal – DCHFPV (Empty scene day)
    By: Chris Chu
  4. CCMRUTTSUBMISSION – OrigDragon (Empty scene day)
    By: Jonathan Krum
  5. UTT10Jefte4President – MattMaxx (Empty scene day)
    By: MattMax

The MultiGP Drone Racing Community has voted based on the top-5 curated designs, and we will announce at 7pm EDT / 4pm PDT Tuesday May 5th which track is selected as UTT #10, and the winning track designer will win 2 Free Tickets to the 2020 MultiGP International Open, a $300 Value!

UTT #10 will become the 9th universal time trial track for miniquads allowing pilots from all over the world to see how they rank internationally on a uniform playing field, and also provides a secondary method of qualification to the 2020 MultiGP Championships for competing pilots.




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