UTT Design Contest Now Live

Crowd-sourced track designs and the future

Over the last couple of years the community has increasingly requested that we allow community submissions for our season track designs. We have been listening to your requests and are rolling out the first crowd-sourced track design that will become a part of the official 2020 season. This is a first step towards getting the community more involved in planning the MultiGP season. We hope this test bed is a success and the community rallies behind the contest with a flood of submissions. We’ll be monitoring this process closely, and if it is a success we will expand the program to the global qualifier track in 2021.


Your chance to win 2 Free Tickets to IO2020

This year, the UTT returns as another way to qualify for the 2020 MultiGP Championship. The start of the season is coming up this month and to kick it off we are holding a track design contest.  We are accepting designs from the community to be our next official UTT and part of the 2020 season! So break out Velocidrone and start designing some tracks! After the submission process the community will vote on what track they like the most and the winner will receive 2 free tickets to IO2020.


Curated by Velocidrone’s resident track design aficionado: Colby Curtola

You’ve seen him host Velocidrone league races online and in livestreams. You’ve seen him win mega races and earn his spot on Team USA 2019. You’ve flown his amazing tracks in Velocidrone. Now, Colby Curtola of Team Velocidrone has agreed to curate the community submissions for UTT10. All designs will be reviewed by Colby and he’ll present the top 5 tracks to the community for a final vote.


Voting now open!

Please cast your vote on this page: https://www.multigp.com/utt-design-contest/



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