Week 13 Regional Qualifier Recap

Courtesy: Michelle Mills

Week 13 Qualifier Recap

7 qualifiers this weekend in the 2018 MultiGP Regional Series presented by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. A qualifier in Texas with Texoma Quads in South Central saw Ivan “limon” Efimov do the perfect 21 Laps on his best 3 of 5 to jump to  2nd in south-central and 15th in National Qualifier Standings.

Looking around the regions, now 108 Pilots have done a lap or more on the qualifying course in the North-Central…we now have a cut-off to exceed!  Over 143 Pilots have now done a lap or more in the qualifier course in the North-East, while only 60 have completed a lap in the South-Central Region. Only 2 week-ends remain before the qualifying cut-off in the North-East Regional… if you’re in the top-75, secure your ticket and hotel now! Over 645 Pilots have completed  a lap or more on a Regional Series Qualifier Course


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