Week 17 Regional Qualifier Recap

Courtesy: Hawk FPV

Across the U.S.A week 17 closed out with 5 qualifiers one in the northwest and four in the South-Central Region. A big thank you to the following MultiGP chapters for hosting the qualifiers.

  • Spokane FPV – Monty Lamazzi
  • Hawks RC – Tim Creque
  • Chicago Drone FPV – Brian W.
  • St. Louis FPV Racers – Bryan Gill
  • Heart of america – Shawn Ames

The competition heats up! There is a new leader in the north central region.

Cameron “Ghostish” Forini is a fast and consistent pilot who is currently ranked 7th nationally on the regional qualifier course. 156 pilots have done a lap or more in the north central regional qualifiers course – it is going to be a battle at their Regional Final in September. With the season just getting into full swing across the Northwest and South Central. So far, 73 pilots have recorded a lap or more in north-west they are all looking to get ranked for the north west regional final August 18-19 at diehard RC airfield.  In the South-Central 78 pilots are ranked. In the nation 785 pilots have done a lap or more on the regional qualifier course.

The 2018 MultiGP Regional Finals are on pace to have over 1,000 pilots attempt to qualify in the 2018 MultiGP Regional Series presented by the AMA.  That’s a lot of battery packs burned!


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