August 3, 2018

Week 18 Regional Qualifier Recap

Courtesy: DieHard RC

Mark “Mcgap” Braymer is back! The 17-year-old Texas pilot kicked up the competition by several notches and claimed the number one spot in the south-central region with 21 laps in 6:33. Braymer laid down the law and bumped Cameron “ghostish” Fiorini down to 8th and snagged 7th nationally on the regional qualifier course. Thanks to the great Troy Naquin from Austin MultiGP for running that qualifier. Here are the results

Also, we see the competition heating up in the bayou state. Sela fpvie hosted their regional qualifier with some fast pilots showing up to race. In the north central region prowler fpv and Lincoln drone racing teamed up for a double header at the “Boy Scouts of America outdoor recreation center near Lincoln, Nebraska.

  1. Kelvin “kwboost” Williamson walked away in third with 6 laps in 06:50
  2.  The very fast Wes “RRuready” Comeaux took second with 6 laps 06:137
  3. And the one and only Corey “c-train” Yates smoked the regional qualifier track with a stunning taking 7 laps 06:50

Pilots traveled from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska to compete for a chance to advance to the MultiGP regional final in September. Big thanks to will dobbins from 515 fpv who helped run the event throughout the day. Many pilots had already attended a regional qualifier in their north central region but saw this event as a great opportunity to improve their overall north central standings. The competition started strong as pilots were already setting some fast times. Tristin “racebot gilbert was the only pilot to hit seven laps in this regional qualifier and he posted some sub 18 second laps.The next day Tristin “racebot” Gilbert posted the fastest laps in this regional qualifier. Racebot was the only pilot to hit the 7-lap mark on the second day of qualifiers. “racebot” took first, 2nd place went to Josh “buzz lightbeer” Waldron and 3rd place Chris “chriviper” Ledford. Here’s an amazing fact…the 2018 MultiGP regional finals are on pace to have over 1,000 pilots fly to qualify in the 2018 MultiGP regional series presented by the AMA.  Keep on flying!

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