2021 MultiGP Championship

The 2021 drone racing season is almost here!

Get ready for another exciting season of drone racing! We encourage all chapters to host a global qualifier and get their pilots ranked on the global leaderboard. Read further to view the 2021 season rules and what you can expect this season.

Sport Championship Returns!

After the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 Sport Class Championship we are happy to announce that Sport Class Champs will return for the 2021 season. The first weekend will host the Sport Class championship, where pilots ranked 151+ on the list will be invited (100 invites maximum) to the Sport Class Championship to crown the Sport Class Champion.

The following weekend, the top 150 Pro Class pilots will battle it out for the prestigious title of MultiGP Champion.

Other 2021 Season Highlights:

  • New: MultiGP Elevated Races are a new and exciting path to the 2021 Championships
  • New: 12 Elevated Races will be held by Chapters
  • New: The winner of each Elevated Race will win an invite to the Pro Class Championship and a guaranteed Top 40 spot. The 2nd and 3rd placers from the TOP Bracket will earn a regular invite to the Pro Class Championship
  • New: The winner of each NEXT Bracket at the Elevated races will win a FREE ticket to Sport Class Championships
  • Chapters must have held 3 races in the calendar year in order to be eligible to host a qualifier.
  • Season length: March 20 – Sep 6
  • 1 standardized global qualifier track (10 gates, 5 flags, 1 hurdle)
  • Pilots can attend as many qualifiers as they want.
  • Tier 1/2 Chapters may host 2 qualifiers
  • Tier 3 chapters may host 1 qualifier

Open to all countries

Chapters across the globe can host qualifiers and attempt to send their best pilots to the 2021 MultiGP Championship. Using the global qualifying track, requiring 10 standard MultiGP chapter gates, 5 flags, and 1 hurdle pilots will attempt to log their fastest 3 consecutive laps and claim their invite to the championship.




2021 Qualification Flowchart

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2021 MultiGP Series Global Qualifying Track Design Contest

Over the last couple of years the community has increasingly requested that we allow community submissions for our season track designs. We have been listening to your requests and are going to continue in that direction for the 2021 Season. This is a great way for the community to come together to enhance our seasons. By taking feedback from our pilots and organizers we are able to better provide everyone with a better season.

This track requires 10 gates, 5 gates, 1 hurdle and an available field approximately 100’x200′ (60.96m / 30.48m). We encourage all chapters around the world to participate in the 2021 MultiGP Series. Get your gates and flags ready, the season is quickly approaching.