Week 6 Regional Qualifier Recap

4 Regional Qualifiers last weekend: (SE) Florida: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=12852/2018-MultiGP-Regional-Qualifier-3 (SW) Nevada: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=12851/2018-MultiGP-Regional-Qualifier-2 (SW) Arizona: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=13632/2018-MultiGP-Regional-Qualifier-28 (NE) New York: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=13622/2018-MultiGP-Regional-Qualifier-26 Over 330 Pilots have posted a lap or more on the Regional Qualifier Course, and in our busiest regions after 6 weeks, we have Cut-offs at the 100 mark in the South-West and South-East: 9 laps in […]

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2018 Sebring Drone Race Results

MultiGP would like to thank all the pilots, friends, family, sponsors and partners of Sebring 2018. Without you, the event wouldn’t have been the success it was. Thank you for coming out and racing, for coming out and volunteering your time and for supporting the sport of drone racing. On this page you will find […]

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Quadtoberfest, Vote Randy Cameron for AMA, Kansas Drone Racing Heats Up

Quadtoberfest, vote Randy Cameron to protect FPV, famous drone racers compete in Kansas, and much more. Go to www.multigp.com for all things relating to drone sports! Welcome to MultiGP News. MultiGP Rundown This week’s MultiGP Rundown’s footage is courtesy of MultiGP Pilot Shawn Ames. The first event was some epic TRON-style LED night flying in […]

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QRGO at Flight Bash 2017

Flight Bash 2017 with Buddy RC kicks off the season in Ohio with a WOW! Article Contributed By: Ben See “DIBS41″, MultiGP Ambassador Blogger Region 3C   Every event that I have attended over the years has been unique and I take away memories that will stay with me forever. The 2017 Flight Bash in […]

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